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Choosing Granite Counters For A Country Kitchen

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Granite counters are an excellent option for a kitchen of any style. Their heat resistance allows you to set hot pans directly on the counter, and they're naturally resistant to bacteria, which helps prevent the spread of foodborne illness. But beyond function, granite counters are also beautiful, and they can look particularly nice in a country kitchen. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect granite counters for your traditional country home.

Color Choices

One of the reasons granite is so versatile is that it comes in so many colors. You can find selections with streaks of purple or blue running through them and others that are black as the night. In a country kitchen, however, you often want to steer towards neutral, lighter shades. Here are three good choices.
Some homeowners steer away from white granite because they fear it will be tough to keep clean. But as long as you keep a good granite cleaner on hand, staining should not be an issue. White really opens up a space, making it feel light and airy—which is exactly what you want in a country kitchen.
Beige is a bit calmer on the eye than white, but it is still neutral. You can find beige granite with streaks of darker brown that match the color of natural wood cabinets or a tile floor. Beige gives a room a warm, welcoming vibe.
If your country kitchen has more of a rustic look, with exposed wood beams and other natural features, then consider darker brown granite counters. Choose a pattern with some flecks of gold or cream to keep the room from looking too small.

Finish Styles

The granite you see in most modern homes has been polished to a shiny finish. However, in a country home, you may want to go with a different finish like one of the following.
Honed granite is made smooth, but it is not polished to a shiny finish. Instead, it is made matte. This creates a soft, subtle appeal that's perfect for a country kitchen. Lighter-colored granite like white and beige varieties tend to look better honed rather than polished since the matte finish makes the transitions between the streaks look more gradual.
Flamed granite has been heated up to the extent that its grains burst and change color. This results in a more stone-like texture. If your kitchen has a neutral color scheme, choosing flamed granite is a good way to add variety to the texture throughout your space in lieu of incorporating more colors. 

Edge Profiles

There are so many different ways to shape the edge of a granite counter, from a bullnose finish to a 1/2" bevel. The guideline to keep in mind when choosing granite for a country kitchen is that a smoother edge is better than an overly angular one. Sharp, 1/2 and 3/4-inch bevels look quite modern. Bullnose and ogee edges tend to look more traditional.

Shape And Extra Features

When working with a designer to create the shape and flow of your counter tops, focus on incorporating smooth, curved edges rather than angular ones. Not only will this give your kitchen a softer look, but it's also a safer bet when you have the whole family over to cook in your big country kitchen. Bumping into a curved edge does not hurt as much as bumping into an angular one.
Other counter features that work well in big country kitchens include:
  • A butcher block worked into the counter design so you have a dedicated place to prepare vegetables from the garden.
  • A slot in the granite through which you can drop scraps directly into an under-counter trash can.
  • A "second level," shelf of granite above the main counter where you can set herbs and plants.
When designing the granite counters for your country kitchen, just remember that the sky is the limit. Contact Emco Williams, Inc. to learn more about our finish, color, and edge options. We'll happily suggest a combination that looks lovely in your traditional home.


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